What Our Customers Say About Our Services

We were driving through the area on a road trip, on rough roads at times, when something began to rattle and make a loud noise. We brought the car to Gene’s where we found out a heat shield was loose and there was a leak in the exhaust. They took care of it quickly and inexpensively, showed us what the issue was and explained how they fixed it, and were very kind and friendly the entire time. Great service. Thank you.
Joel DeBlaay

I went into Gene’s on the advice of friends with no appointment, a flat tire and a skeptical attitude caused by a string of car repair dissatisfactions. I was determined never to go to Big O again, even if my tires were under warranty. Todd, the technician who helped me listened carefully. He repaired my tire and balanced and rotated the tires, replaced a couple of burnt out bulbs I was unaware of and checked into the brakes which have not been right since Big O “fixed” them. It turned out they’d left a clamp on the brake line which prevented the driver’s side front brake from working at all. Now my brakes work! I was very impressed by Todd’s listening and by the fact that he fitted me in when I had no appointment. The bill? Less than $45! I am going back tomorrow for an oil change.
LeAnn Cole

These guys are great. They are quick & good at what they do. Friendly and practical. They are very helpful and over 15 years of servicing our cars, have always done a good job. The shop isn’t fancy or new, but the mechanics are honest and the equipment they use to service the cars is current, along with their mechanical training.
Jennifer F

I was passing through St. George when our Nissan Sentra developed an intermittent, but violent, left front wheel vibration at speeds over 60 mph. I took it to Gene’s, assuming it needed to be balanced. When that didn’t work, we went for a test drive with Gene and of course, the wheel refused to vibrate with him in the car! They never called me crazy and went beyond the call of duty to try and find out what it could be. They were able to work on it right away while we waited and explained everything clearly and in great detail. We never were able to replicate the problem for them, but as we continued driving, the problem never came back. These guys were super-experienced, honest, friendly and even funny too. Highly recommended!
Rich Cleveland