Tires, Steering, Alignment, Shocks and Struts Repair & Replacment

Gene’s OK Tire and Muffler has been entrusted to maintain local St. George, Ut car repairs since 1978 and we appreciate the confidence that all of our valued customers have in our team and our business.

Our proficient and honest professionals can competently fix any issues involving your vehicle’s steering and alignment system. It’s imperative to ensure that your vehicle’s tires undergo an alignment at regular intervals. The tires on a vehicle are the one area that connects you with the street surface and maintaining proper alignment is important for, not only safety, but also to avoid incurring higher costs later on.

Having correct wheel alignment can directly affect fuel usage, vehicle safety, and tire life. When compared to the cost of a new set of tires, an alignment is much more cost-effective.

Gene’s OK Tire and Muffler offers every service you need to maintain your steering and alignment system.

• Suspension System Repairs
• Shocks & Struts Replacement
• Tire Replacement
• Flat Tire Repair
• Wheel Diagnostics and Alignment
• Tire Balancing and Rotation
• Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service or Repair (Tire Pressure Check)

Our team will first inspect your steering system and tire conditions to make sure that you and your family are safe on the road. If you are having steering issues, spending an excessive amount for fuel, or having other problems; call the professionals at Gene’s OK Tire and Muffler at 435-673-4673.